Talent Evolution Blog by Margaret Graziano

Talent rEvolution Blog by Margaret Graziano

Generation X

Growing up during the age of divorce, the GenXer may have been a latchkey kid, and often entertained, ate and did their homework by themselves while their parents worked.

They watched their parents become workaholics, and assessed these priorities were awry; they vowed that things would be different when they became parents. They have experienced WWII bureaucracy blow up, been burned by government failings and lack of insurance, and were around during the birth of the Internet.  Continue reading

Business unit leaders and managers are better equipped to do their job when they understand their people and what turns them on and off. Knowing this is only half the battle; doing something about it is what’s really important. The workforce is the company’s internal audience, and that audience is diverse. Appealing to this diverse audience requires the ability to mirror their needs and wants, and blend those with your company’s role and career offerings.

An effective way to demonstrate a talent mindset is in the hiring process. Define the purpose and passion in every role. The right person will be attracted to that purpose and passion. To engage your audience, you must sell them to come onboard, and continue to sell them to stay.

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Maximize Your HR Effectiveness workshop

Many companies—from multinational mega-corporations to neighborhood markets—are still using outdated hiring techniques. Clinging to the ways of the past when constructing a workforce leads to high turnover, stagnant engagement from staff and quarterly reports in the red.

In some cases, it is as if they are staffed by a host of HR drones, these businesses are going about the practice of hiring in a completely automatic, unconscious manner. Solving the hiring problems of the 21st Century requires a spirited, connected system that makes selecting the right candidates for the job easy.

It requires a conscious hiring process. Continue reading

Conscious hiring is about creating workforce alignment, where employees choose to work for the organization because they are excited about the work, and employers hire and nurture the best employees, creating a better bottom line, lower turnover, and increased employee retention and engagement.

Let’s look at 10 of the ways conscious hiring can lead to better employee retention for your organization.

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Employee selection (and the use of assessments) is one of the fastest-growing sectors in human resources. Assessment tools of various sorts are used to evaluate everything from candidate motivations, values and behaviors to communication style, personality traits, skills, mental agility, and organizational ability. Knowing your needs and what the market offers enables you to choose the right assessment. Before engaging with assessment tools, ask yourself some questions: What does the job require? What do you want to measure from your applicant pool? What types of tests are available? Continue reading

A 21st Century Workforce requires 21st Century performance expectations. What is traditionally referred to as a job description is, in the KeenAlignment training, referred to as the CPR. The Comprehensive Position Requirements document focuses on the reason the role exists, what the employee needs to do, who they need to be and how performance is measured in the role. When first establishing and building an internal hiring process, consider your corporate mission, vision and values as well as your philosophy, culture and business strategy. Continue reading


The third & fourth secret: Active listening & being curious.

Being present is something many working professionals struggle with.  The ability to multi-task often comes at the cost of truly listening. The problem is when that happens in an interview, and you’re not actively listening, you are downloading and only hearing what you want to hear or only listening to validate your assumptions.  The first level of listening in an interview causes you to miss major clues that very well could enlighten you on the candidate’s compatibility with the company and in the role.

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With the generational and workforce demographic challenges adversely impacting everybody’s ability to attract, hire, engage, develop and retain people; everyone needs a leg up on ensuring that they are putting their best foot forward in the employee selection process. Gallup reports that, on average, 30% of all hires feel mismatched to their role, and almost 70% of all working people feel somewhat disengaged either in their role or in their organization. The reality about these statistics is that is all begins with the hire.

There are five secrets to being a great interviewer.  Learning about and mastering these keys empower you to maximize your effectiveness in hiring the right people, for the right roles, for the right reasons. Continue reading

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